Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Dr. Frieden Redefining Hip

The Connoisseur of Cool, city health czar Dr. Tom Frieden, says the (supposed) decline in smoking among city women reflects changing attitudes, The New York Post reports:

"Women are taking charge of their health," said Health Commissioner Dr. Thomas Frieden.

"It may reflect that smoking is less and less cool. Most people don't want to smoke," Frieden told The Post.

Which brings to mind just one question.

On matters of what's "cool," who are you going to trust?


Or these guys?

Mom e-mails: "I don't think I'd use a picture of Sammy Davis in your smoking thing as he died a very painful death due to his smoking--throat cancer. Maybe you could use Bogart. Oops, no. He died of esophageal cancer because of smoking. How about Yul Brenner? Nope, lung cancer because of . . . oh nevermind. (It's a mother thing.)"

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Karol said...

Hahaha, ok, I see now.