Friday, December 14, 2007

So That's Where My Green North Face Went

Missing items that turned over to the MTA are often stolen by the MTA, The Daily News reports:
At least the Metropolitan Transportation Authority's board is upfront when it picks riders' pockets.

With the MTA board poised to approve fare and toll hikes, a probe found dozens of instances where lost property turned over to workers simply disappears.

Investigators, posing as commuters, handed 26 items to bus and subway workers, saying they were found and must have been lost by a rider.

Only three of the items made it to the lost property storage unit, according to one report.

"Despite repeated attempts, we could not locate these items," auditors from the MTA's inspector general's office wrote.

The property - including cell phones, watches, glasses and clothing - were given to NYC Transit and Long Island Rail Road personnel.

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