Friday, December 1, 2006

Osama in '08?

I just received this email from a Democratic strategist friend of mine. Has anyone heard anything about this? Apparently Democrats are floating the idea of running Osama as a presidential candidate!?:
He has as much star quality and friendly media coverage as Hillary but, unlike Hillary, he opposed Iraq war from the start. That is a huge advantage.

If he runs -- and I believe he will -- he will quickly establish himself as the only viable alternative to Hillary and will easily win over Iowa’s very liberal, very anti-war caucus-goers.

He is smooth, good looking, and has an interesting life story. Unlike Howard Dean, he is not prone to gaffes. His candidacy will energize minorities and liberals more than any since Robert Kennedy’s.

Assuming no skeletons emerge from his closet (gay trysts), he’ll be competitive in New Hampshire and Nevada and will win overwhelmingly in South Carolina (30% crazy) and Delaware (19% anti-American). The race will be over by early February. True, his past career as the leader of al Qaeda and the mastermind behind 9/11 could hurt him in some hard-core red states, but insiders say that challenge won't be insurmountable.
Sounds like they've thought this one through. Hmm. Osama/Obama in 08?

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tom said...

Actually I happened to have read this and was apparently tired because I was reading "Osama" instead of Obama. I knew something was weird because obviously Osama would run as an outsider on the Independent line.