Monday, May 21, 2007

Cultural Condescension

From the Daily News. Here's today's lede editorial on a gun raffle Virginia gun makers organized in honor of Mayor Bloomberg:
"Well, golly gee, Gomer, that were a butt-kickin' gun giveaway down in ol' Virginny t'other night, weren't it?" In case you missed it, something called the Virginia Citizens Defense League held a "Bloomberg Gun Giveaway" to raise funds to pay the legal fees of firearms dealers who are being sued by Mayor Mike for illegally selling weapons.

According to the league, the prizes were "a beautiful Para Ordinance [sic] PX745E handgun" and "a sweet Browning Varmint Stalker," and we thank the league for offering the rare opportunity to use the words "sweet," "varmint" and "stalker" in the same sentence.

The weapons were said to be worth about $1,000 apiece, which, as civilized people know, is nowhere near the value of a single human life, approximately 29,500 of which are lost in the U.S. annually because of guns.

What might happen, I wonder, were a Virginia paper to do the same, except using the broken English of ebonics to rip New Yorkers? The Daily News would scream racism. Good thing liberal elitists are incapable of anything so dastardly.

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