Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Shades of '1984'

Is this kid anything other than brainwashed?


Anonymous said...

Is he really that angry, or did GP just tell him to act that way? This kid can't be more than 12, and the libs have poisoned his mind to the point that he's already as bitter and hateful as them? It sickens me. No one is more willing to destroy and exploit children than the libs - they did it at the convention in 04 with the little girl who "chastised" Cheney, they do it constantly with gun-ban ads, and now they're doing it with GW. But this is entirely over the line. Usually they use these kids in a “poor little innocent me, don’t you care?” way. This type of indoctrination is exactly the same thing radical Muslims are doing to children in their madrassas, and the result is no different. This is truly disgusting.

MSM said...

You don't think the kid is just an actor reading a script? It is a bit over the top but I don't think he's necessarily stating his own thoughts. It's probably just a gig for him.

It's ridiculous anyway.

Anonymous said...

There's no doubt he's reading a script, but you don't think he believes every word he says? Look at how angry he is. He's not faking it - he's obviously not that good an actor. That's the point - this is a 12 year old kid who's not capable of coming to a balanced, logical decision on this, particularly without all the facts. He's being fed these lies by Greenpeace, he's violently angry about it - that's indoctrination, plain and simple.