Sunday, September 23, 2007

Funk Fund -- Week 2

First, a correction: Last week I immediately subtracted the bet amounts from the Fund, leaving it at $55 before the games began. I have since realized I forgot to include the price of the straight bets in the value of the possible payout (meaning, a $10 straight bet pays $20, not $10, as you're essentially doubling your money on 2-1 odds.) That means the current balance is actually $65.

This week's bets, per last week's guidelines:

-- $20 6-point teaser on Carolina (-4), Indy (-6.5) & Denver (-3.5) (payout: $52)

-- $10 straight bets on Carolina, Indy & Denver (payout: $19 each)

-- $5 3-game parlay on Carolina, Indy & Denver (payout: $36)

This week's total possible payout: $145

Current account balance: $10

Once again, only one bet hit, leaving the current balance at $30.


Karol said...

Should have taken the Boys. Undefeated!

tom said...

I'd sooner saw off my right arm (and I'm right handed).

But have fun rooting for Terrell Owens -- he's one classy cat!

BTW, These picks aren't the ones I'd necessarily choose -- they're determined by the users of Everyone knows I never would have bet on the Broncos!

Karol said...

T.O. is hot. Who needs class?