Wednesday, September 19, 2007

When Democratic Delusions Collide

"According to a Heritage Foundation estimate, some 70,000 families that would become eligible under SCHIP [a federal government-run health insurance program intended for poverty-stricken children] would at the same time also be paying the Alternative Minimum Tax aimed at 'the rich.'" -- Brendan Miniter, in today's Political Diary, describing one of 11 spending bill Congress is preparing to send to the president. He has threatened to veto 10.

Also good is today's Quote of the Day:
"The average net worth in 2006 of Forbes 400 members without a college degree was $5.96 billion; those with a degree averaged $3.14 billion. Four of the five richest Americans -- Bill Gates, casino owner Sheldon Adelson, Oracle's Larry Ellison, and Microsoft cofounder Paul Allen -- are college dropouts" -- from the new book "All the Money in the World: How the Forbes 400 Make -- And Spend -- Their Fortunes," by Peter W. Bernstein and Annalyn Swan.

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