Friday, October 5, 2007

Huffington's Huff of the Day

Introducing a new feature here on FunkyPundit. First, a little background: Every morning my in-box receives the Huffington Post's "Daily Brief." Generally I'll click the most offensive sounding article, read it, take umbrage, contemplate commenting, think better of it (why get lost in the weeds of pointless argument?), consider a blog response, think better of it, then, finally go on about my day, rather satisfied my life involves more than venting on a website.

Today it occurred to me that a typical Huff Post -- fallaciously argued, self-defeatingly offensive -- demands no riposte. Really, they speak for themselves. Just reprinting selected passages will do the work a thousand bloggers could not.

The first installment comes courtesy of actor Steven Weber commenting on President Bush's veto of a bill that would move two million children with private health coverage into inferior, government-run care -- it's a twofer:
"[National health care] is what the Commies would have done had they won the Cold War instead of us. They would have overrun their newly conquered slaves with affordable health care, those savages."

"George Bush would rather spend a trillion to kill Iraqi children than 35 billion to save American children."

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