Wednesday, January 10, 2007

E Pluribus Unum

In "The United Nations of New York" the Daily News delivers an awesome feature, talking to "people from 100 countries, revealing why they moved to New York and what they love about the city they now call home." With an immigrant arriving in America every 27 seconds and one million having settled in Gotham since 2000, clearly the melting pot endures.

I humbly suggest reading it all -- though the online version isn't quite as good, as not everyone is featured in a photo -- but here are some samples:


Fabian Lliguin, 43, Manhattan, Hair styliSt

Came here in 1989, "out of curiosity."

Why I love New York: "Its multicultural tapestry, the best food in the world and the best-looking people representing every race on the planet."


Marie-Helene Sanoussi, 26, Manhattan, executive assistant

Came here in 1990 when her father was appointed Guinea's UN ambassador.

Why I love New York: "For the endless opportunities it offers to anyone who comes in search of a better life. I love the energy New Yorkers possess and how bluntly honest they can be.


Hamid-Abdul Nazary, 65, Queens
Elevator operator/ maintenance

Came here in 1981 to have a better life for himself and his family.

Why I love New York: "People are so good in this country. I work in the Port Authority building [on 42nd St.] 23 years now. Many people here have helped me get this good job."


Emil Gaspari, 54, Westchester, Salesman

First came here 45 years ago; became a citizen in 1977.

Why I love New York: "This is the most dynamic place in the world to trade. As long as you put forth the right amount of effort, you can accomplish whatever you want."


Mehret Mandefro, 30, Harlem, physician at Montefiore

Came here in 1977 after fleeing a Communist takeover.

Why I love New York: "Being able to find a place to dance any night of the week."

Natives can be thankful, too. Immigrants remind us all how lucky we are to live in a free country (notwithstanding the best intentions of Nannies Bloomberg and Friedman).

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