Tuesday, January 30, 2007

'Great Vulgar Minds Think Alike'

Joseph Epstein on the media's obsession with the fact that this year's Super Bowl will feature two black coaches: "[W]on't America more truly have come of age as a tolerant and mature society when men and women can stand apart, on their own, without being weighed down by the heavy freight of their race, religion or ethnicity?"

UPDATE: The Assimilated Negro disagrees:
The hype around two African-American head coaches going to the Super Bowl has been impressive and appropriately reverent. I bet the first two white guys who coached in plain-jane Super Bowl I (no Caucasian research-links during Negro Bowl) are wishing their people endured three hundred years of ostensible and institutionalized oppression so they could bask in this multicultural media afterglow. Now this is what racism is supposed to be about! Good people of good character doing good things; plus they're black!

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