Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Mike Lupica: Still Not Thinking

Mike Lupica, aka the FunkyPundit's favorite columnist, writes in today's Daily News:
You make up your own mind about the senator from New York, and whatever baggage you think she brings to all this. But she would make a better President than the one we have because anybody would. This isn't her war. It is his.
And later:

Hillary Clinton can admit she was wrong right after Gen. Colin Powell admits he was wrong to throw in with Bush and Cheney and Rumsfeld on this war, and the trumped-up reasons for entering into it, in the first place.

Not Hillary Clinton's war. Theirs. It is theirs. She didn't make the world more dangerous than it already was. They did. You want an apology? They go first.

Wrong. America is at war. Not President Bush. Even those who voted against liberating Iraq must accept the vote's outcome. A Republican representative who disagrees with Senator McCain's campaign-finance bill cannot simply announce, "McCain-Feingold is McCain's campaign-finance bill, not mine. Therefore, I'm ignoring it." Indeed, that would be illegal.

One of the various features of a democracy is that nobody can get everything he or she wants. Nor can one pick and choose which legislation he or she abides by. When Congress voted to authorize American intervention in Iraq, it set the country upon an inalterable course. Regardless of what your opinions were leading up to the conflict, if you failed to convince Congress, that doesn't make you, as an American, any less a participant in the vote's resultant effects. Like it or not, this is how democracies work.

And why the war in Iraq is just as much George Bush's as it is Mike Lupica's.

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