Tuesday, February 27, 2007


With New York's State Supreme Court ruling Thursday that the city's ban on dancing is constitutional, perhaps it's time to start the latest edition of Trend Watch -- bans already on the books.

I'll plug in the few I already know. Please send along other suggestions.

New York state:
  • women may not appear topless in public for purposes of business
  • smoking within 100 feet of a public building
  • women on the street wearing "body-hugging" clothing
  • greeting someone by putting a thumb to your nose and wiggling your fingers
  • flirting
  • throwing a ball at someone's head for purposes of fun
  • jumping off a building
  • smoking in bars and restaurants
  • divorcing for "irreconcilable differences" (unless, ironically, both agree)
  • walking on Sundays with an ice cream cone in your pocket
  • talking while riding elevators
  • wearing slippers after 10 PM
New York City:
  • dancing without a license
  • smoking in private establishments (aside from cars & homes)
  • Trans-fats (July 1st, 2007)
  • Menus without calorie contents for placed with "established" menus (July 1, 2007)
  • fathers calling their sons a "faggot" for purposes of discouraging "girlie behavior" (Staten Island)
  • watering lawns using automated devices (Staten Island)

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