Monday, June 25, 2007

Sen. Kennedy Rips Up Pro-Democracy Ad

Tomorrow the U.S. Senate takes up the so-called Employee Free-Choice Act. So-called because it's anything but. The bill is a union hand-out, intended to help stem organized labor's hemorrhaging membership rolls. Unless companies opt to do otherwise, the National Labor Relations Board requires workers seeking unionization to first reach majority consent via a secret-ballot election. Because unions have a hard time winning these elections, Big Labor wants to replace them with "card check," a system where workforces can unionize once a majority of workers sign cards indicating their desire to do so. Obviously, under card-check -- administered by union bigs looking to expand -- bullying and harrassing skeptical workers is to be expected.

The Center for Union Facts, an organization run by Rick Berman that is a foremost opponent of EFCA, recently ran the following ad in The New York Times, Roll Call, and USA Today:

Watch bill-sponsor Senator Ted Kennedy's cutting rejoinder below:'s Amanda Carpenter has more.

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