Friday, June 22, 2007

What The Right Is Saying About Bloomberg

Brent Bozell: His "non-ideological" approach to governing is anything but.

Byron York asks: "Can anyone show me evidence that Americans are hankering for a Michael Bloomberg presidential candidacy?"

National Review: "It is easy to cast stones at Washington if, like Bloomberg, you simply say nothing of consequence about the Iraq war, the most important issue facing the nation."

The Wall Street Journal: "Mr. Bloomberg has been quoted as saying that he wouldn't run unless he could win. We hope he means it. He's rich enough to afford the race, but a candidate for the nation's highest office should have more on his agenda than competence, and should have reason to believe he'd be more than a political spoiler."

Robert George speculates that Bloomberg will attract more votes from the left than from the right. Championing issues like campaign finance reform, global warming, and gun control, I'd have to agree.

David From doesn't.

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