Friday, June 1, 2007

Time To Change the License Plates

New Hampshire is throwing tradition to the wind. The Boston Globe reports the state House voted 224-117 to pass a smoking ban, which Governor John Lynch said he plans to sign. The bill has already passed the Senate, where a similar bill was blocked last year. The difference? More Democrats came to power in the last election.

Ninety days after Lynch signs the bill, Granite State residents will be forbidden from smoking in bars and restaurants.

This is a sad day for liberty. If we've lost New Hampshire, where else can liberty-minded people go to settle and pursue happiness without being told how to pursue happiness? Even that promiscuous den of sin Las Vegas has passed a smoking ban.

Perhaps it's time to move to Communist China, Communist Cuba, Stalinist North Korea, repressive Singapore, or Iran, all countries that still afford their people the right to smoke as they please in public places.

(H/t: Karol)


Anonymous said...

SCREW THAT. My plates will ALWAYS say "Live Free or Die" if I have to make them myself!

Anonymous said...

Sorry, Singapore does not allow you to smoke anywhere you please. Smoking is banned in Most public places are banned. In fact starting July 1st, all bars and nightspots will also bar smoking.

tom said...

I suppose that was to be expected. Last time I was in Singapore -- 2005 -- smoking was still allowed in most places.