Tuesday, July 24, 2007

ROC Gets Rolled

"A restaurant that claims to be owned by former Windows on the World workers is 'a hoax' -- because the former World Trade Center employees have been forced out, a lawsuit charges," The New York Post reports today.

In papers filed in Manhattan Supreme Court, a group of former Windows workers said that despite promises, none of the 35 workers who invested hundreds of hours of work into opening the Greenwich Village restaurant Colors has any ownership interest.

Restaurant advocacy group ROC-NY and a group of Italian investors are the owners, and they've stiffed the workers the "cooperative restaurant" was built around, the suit says.

For more on this, I had a more in-depth look into ROC-NY back in March.

If you were thinking of reading today's New York Times to see how they report the story -- seeing as they've feted ROC/Colors with more than a dozen puff pieces over the years -- don't bother. The only mention of the suit comes in a one-'graf Metro Briefing by the AP.

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