Thursday, July 19, 2007

U.S. Troops Boogie With Iraqi Police & Tribesmen

"A video of US officers, Iraqi security personnel and Iraqi tribesmen dancing in Anbar Province has been making the online rounds," IraqSlogger reports:
Excerpted from a report on the US-funded Arabic-language broadcaster al-Hurra, the video features a gathering in Ramadi to celebrate gains realized by US-backed tribal forces and Iraqi security forces against al-Qa'ida-affiliated groups in the province.

Voicing over general shots of US military, Iraqi security forces, and tribal leaders dancing and celebrating together al-Hurra’s Omar Muhammad, explains that US forces, Iraqi security forces, and Iraqi tribesmen gathered in Ramadi, the capital of Anbar.

The video is undated.

A banner is shown, proclaiming that the “spark of liberation” has been unleashed in the province.

The first gentleman to be shown addressing the crowd over the public address system is the governor of Anbar province, Ma’moun Sami, who praises the efforts against “terrorists and takfiris.” Takfiri is a term employed for Sunni extremists who adopt takfir, or the practice of declaring less extremist Muslims to be unbelievers.

Then, Shaykh Khattab al-'Amir al-'Ali Sulaiman, son of the head of the Dulaim tribe, addresses the crowd, thanking the “allied forces” including the tribal fighters and Iraqi police.

At the end of the report the US-funded broadcaster’s reporter suggests that the battle continues for other parts of Iraq.

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