Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Question of the Day

Is, or is not, Ticketmaster the absolute worst company in the United States of America?

Having just purchased two $25 tickets from Ticketmaster and receiving a final bill -- after its Orwellian "convenience charge" -- of $72(!!!), I'm now thinking I haven't been ripped off this badly since ... since ... well, since my last Ticketmaster purchase! Actually, there's also last month's Cablevision bill, which is perhaps the only reason why today's answer could very well be, "no."

By the way, this is what I'll be seeing. Everyone of sound mind ought to do the same.


Anwyn said...

That's gross.

tom said...

What's gross -- Ticketmaster, Cablevision, or Galactic? I hope not the last one.

Anwyn said...

Ticketmaster. I had no idea those fees had gotten that out of hand. Been a while since a went to a concert, alas, and even longer since I used Ticketmaster for the purpose.

I watched the video at Galactic's site. I'm kind of in love with their drummer now.

tom said...

That's Stanton Moore. He's famous.

Anwyn said...

Well he should be. That flat rocked ... or should I say funked?