Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Finally, a New Rap Beef!

For those uncultured boors somehow oblivious to the latest goings on with the life and times of hip-hop impresario and Forbes' No. 2 hip-hop moneymaker, 50 Cent (nee Curtis Jackson), the Queens-born rapper has pledged to hang up the microphone once and for all should his apparent arch rap nemesis, Kanye "George Bush doesn't care about black people" West outsell him when the two drop new albums Sept. 11th.

Quoth Mr. Cent: "Mine will sell and his will still be on the shelf. He should be terrified. What do I do? Do I send flowers? Do I send my condolences?"

Someone just got served!

But wait! Kanye says much good can come from this impending bloodfest: "What's the point of even having magazines without us." Indeed, journalism itself would become meaningless. Mr. West continues: "We're the fucking Jim Morrisons, we're the fucking Kurt Cobains of this. Yeah, I said it. Listen to the fucking album -- I am."

For those starting to think Kanye might have something of an inflated perception of himself, don't be silly. He's still the same old Kanye (i.e., our lord and Savior) ...
Speaking of Kanye, anyone who appreciates jokes and other funny stuff like farming needs to check out Zach Galafianakis' video for "Can't Tell Me Nothing." Twice even.

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Karol said...

URGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG. I mean, honestly. I like some of Kanye's stuff a lot. I'm crazy about "Stronger" right now. But what a giant douchebag. I so hope 50 crushes him. It'll be like the first cd I've bought in years.