Monday, August 20, 2007

Good morning boys and girls, I'm your substitute teacher, Mr. Method Man

From The Chicago Tribune:
NEW YORK -- Method Man is going back to school. As part of a plea deal reached following a marijuana arrest earlier this year, the hip-hop star was ordered to visit 15 city high schools to warn students about the dangers of drugs.

The former Wu-Tang Clan member and star of "How High,'' whose real name is Clifford Smith, "is thrilled to do it,'' defense attorney Peter Frankel said Friday. "He's never been in trouble before. He's not a stereotypical rapper.''

Word is bond: Educate yo'self and work yo'self up that corporate ladder; otherwise, you may find yo'self ending up like me, a blunt-smoking multimillionaire member of the world's most famous rap group, who also stars in the occasional wack movie. Now, who's got a light?

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