Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Vampire Squid from Hell

That's the name of this potentially delicious squid/octupus-type creature featured in this short documentary. It's a very creepy species possessing a host of unique talents, including a defensive cloak of phosphorescent, flashlight-like eyes called photophores, and motion detectors.

But let's face it, Vampire Squid from Hell was really meant to be a band name, not some deep-sea dwelling wannabe vampire.

Which reminds me of a recent brainstorming session I had with a couple of friends. Potential band names were flowing:

Bloody Mustache
Isolated Thunderstorm
Space Toddlers
International House of Pedophilia
Rubix Boob
Tomorrow's Triangles
C Drive
Thomas Jefferson & the Troubadours
Johnny Trombone and his Trumpeteers
The Saddest Clown in Cincinnati
The Faketrix
Inverted Circles
Jeffrey's Ironic Coincidence
The Rat Surfers
Wannabe Vampires
Johnny 5 and the Sexual Robots

All of my faithful readers (mom), are free to leave other ideas in the comments section. Winning selections will be announced yesterday on an undisclosed AM radio station.


Luke said...

I've heard some good ones over the years....

*Buster Hymen and the First Timers
*Punch Me in the Face
*Paul Pot & The Killing Fields
*Speed McQueen
*Bobby Joe Ebola & the Children McNuggets
*Hans Blix
*Shitty Lindas
*Jason Mraz
*Hairy Jennifer
*Cock Ass Come Clothes
*Tony Danzig


Luke said...

Oh and my fav...

*Jeff Gay and the Straights

Karol said...

Vampire squid from hell sounds like an interesting sushi roll.

tom said...

*Douche McClure
*Everybody Wang Chung Tonight
*The Camel Lights
*Dominoes Deliverymen
*Cereal Rapers
*Cyanide Lollipops
*The Star Bucks
*Ricky Martin and the Heart Breakers

And I've always been fond of my friend's old band's name: Poppa Squat

Steve said...

Here goes (freestyle):

- The Substitute Teachers
- The Post-Chugs
- Origami Milkshake
- Scandalous Appetizer
- Facsimile
- Danny and the Glovers
- The Rear Ends
- Dolan
- Slow Dance
- Fois Gras
- The You've Got to Be Kidding Me's
- Dodecahedron
- The Gosh Darnits
- Medieval Rhymes
- Hot, hot, hand job
- Synonymous Whisper
- Boutonniere Bloodbath

Jessie Cantrell said...

I actually came up with a cool band name last night!

- The Richard Gears -

tom said...

My younger brosef isn't so hot with "computers," so he sent along his own ideas via electronic-mail:

Homo Erectus Dysfunction
Nappy Headed Joe's
Lung Collapse and the Internal Bleeders
Stale Meat
Famous Asses
Phil and the Blanks
Google Uranus or Googling Uranuses
Barnacles Banging Barnacles
The Shit Hatch Poop Shooters

That last one is disgusting, Bently. Mom is seriously going to get up in your shit about that.