Sunday, August 26, 2007

Today's Funk -- More Sharon

Via Live at Southpaw, 2005.


Karol said...

Your link is broken, dude.

tom said...

Should be fixed now.

(My webmastah killah had to momentarily step out of the country.)

Karol said...

This just kills me:

tom said...

Yeah, that's super lame. I was at that show and I'm happy to say that in the 5 or some-odd shows I've since seen them, I've never heard another political rant. I'd like to think it's because they've realized most people don't go to concerts to get fired up for political advocacy. (Or for fear of receiving another one of my stern glares.)

I was recently at an Antibalas show at Irving Plaza (or "Fillmore East," as it's now supposedly called). Naturally, in what was supposed to a simple song introduction, the trumpeter went off on one of his political rants, saying how much he'd noticed the effects of global warming while on their recent country-wide tour. As I attempted to sigh for the entire band to hear, this hippy dude all dreaded out in front of me turns and says, "Always with the fuckin politics with these guys."

I loved that -- despite likely agreeing with what was being said -- he shared my frustration with what was a serious buzz kill to an otherwise stellar show.