Thursday, August 23, 2007

'Queen of the Dap Kings'

One good thing about my girlfriend (Amy Winehouse) becoming all famous in America is that her back-up band on "Back to Black," the Brooklyn-based Dap Kings, are finally starting to get some respect. They served as the house band for the ESPYs and are set to do the same for MTV's upcoming video awards. But even better than that, the "Queen of the Dap Kings," Sharon Jones, is, at the tender age of 50, also finally starting to get her props. She's the soul sister who should be receiving the same media accolades currently lavished upon Ms. Winehouse, as her music is actually far better, and -- unlike Ms. Winehouse -- she can actually perform live without falling over or spitting at her fans. And perform she does. Only in a live setting is one able to truly appreciate just the sort of entertainer Sharon Jones is. Not only does she have pipes, she dances, too.

MTV, much to its credit, is starting to notice:

Here's another video, this one a behind-the-scenes look at Daptone Records headquarters in Bushwick, Brooklyn.

Another note about Sharon: She's super nice. I once got kicked out of one her shows at Southpaw due to its draconian smoking policy -- and right as the Dap Kings were starting. My only hope of getting back inside before Sharon hit the stage was through the band's entrance. After waiting for someone to walk out, I snook in, only to be apprehended by a bouncer. Much to my surprise/delight, Sharon, who was waiting to go on, came to intervene, assuring the bouncer that my B.S. story was the God's honest. It didn't hurt that I'd chatted her up earlier at the bar, so she at least knew a little of what I was saying was true.


Karol said...

I will never ignore your music advice ever again.

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Jim said...

wow. thanks so much for linking to my 2 mtv news pieces. glad you enjoyed them, and i'm super proud that i was able to put some mtv love behind my fave band. and i agree, sharon (and the rest of the band) are the nicest folks out there.

tom said...

Hey Jim, thanks for stopping by. Look me up if you ever need help with a sequel!